David Gasta
David Gasta
David Gasta

I grew up at the western edge of Wright County, in the great communities of Dassel and Cokato. I was always playing sports and doing things outside, which helped me learn to love winter; yes! Those words are not too often spoken (unless you are a Minnesotan through and through)!

After being in Chicago for 18 years and moving at least six times, I relocated back to MN; this clearly started the itch for real estate. My real estate curiosity continued to grow as I purchased my first five rentals in 2019. By the end of that year, I had added two more to the roster and decided that Real Estate was my next career. I then left my corporate tech job and pursued my passion for Real Estate as a full-time gig. Shortly thereafter, in 2020, I was a fully licensed REALTOR! It has been a fun and exciting ride from day one.

Today, not only can I help you find your dream home, but investments too! I still invest for myself; I am a “numbers guy,” which my clients find very helpful when they are looking into investing in Real Estate for more than their primary residence but a retirement program! The knowledge that I have gained from owning my own investment properties has played a large part in the experience and knowledge I have gained when assessing the “bones” of a home, such as mechanical and material quality. I’ve also become a jack of all trades when it comes to repairs, maintenance, and full renovations. My clients have come to trust my expertise and feel much more comfortable when making the big decision of purchasing a first home or their investment properties.

What is the most rewarding part of being a REALTOR? The relationships! Getting to know all of my clients, my fellow agents, and, of course, all of my vendors. Come with me as I continue down my real estate path. I look forward to building more great relationships, your real estate dreams, and my real estate empire!

To this day, I enjoy sledding, snowmobiling, and, most of all, ice fishing with my two boys. Most days during the winter, you can find me at Lake Sarah with them when I’m not selling real estate, of course!

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Steve Ruprecht
Steve Ruprecht

Branch Manager/SVP of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate
NMLS #389036

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